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Peter Gibson is Innocent!!!

My grievance:

 In 2009 I was sentenced to 9 months in jail for sexually assaulting my under-age niece back in 1979. This never happened. The entire charge is the result of a piddling domestic dispute that got out of hand and some family members who have a very warped idea of revenge. I am now labelled a paedophile and as you can imagine, that has made life unbearable. I cannot get a job, I have visits by the police every month and I cannot use the internet (I had someone else post this for me). Worse still, I have lost my decency in the eyes of society. I’m looked down upon the worst kind of animal and all for what? I’m innocent and in this blog I want to argue my case.

The claim against me:

 In 1979 I was 22 years old. I was living with my brother in the Melbourne suburb of Mornington, working full time. At this time, my older sister was living with her husband in Corio (a suburb of Geelong,Victoria). The claim was that I was living in a caravan at their house and that I had sexually assaulted their daughter, my niece, in the caravan. Even the idea of this makes me sick. It never happened.

Why I’m innocent:

I wasn’t there! I was living 3 hours away on the other side of town and I never visited. The alleged victim of the crime essentially admits to this with her contradictory police statements. She accuses her brother and I of sexually assaulting her simultaneously at different Corio addresses (three blocks apart) in the same time frame. She also claimed that I had lived at two different Corio addresses (three blocks apart) simultaneously, while living at our parents home and by doing so she has given me both an alibi and has also exonerated me from sexual assaults. The police have ignored all the contradictory evidence, even after confirming my alibi’s, which I humbly thank them, “that showed that I was working and living the Melbourne suburbs, not Corio, as first accused” and yet they wouldn’t accept the alibis.

What’s really happened here:

My niece: I hold you and your father responsible. I want to say that I am disgusted with your behaviour, in regards to your bully tactics at mum’s funeral. It was the final straw for me when you & your boyfriend stood over my sister at the funeral, when denying her basic rights to say good- bye. Just because I grabbed her hand and led her into the viewing room, just because I stood up for her rights, it doesn’t give you the right to push people around and if you don’t give your own way, that doesn’t give the right to fabricate sex crimes, as revenge!

And to my sister’s husband: I hold you personally responsible for this mess that I’m in. You’re angry because my nephew was man enough to have you charged in July 2008, for burning him, when he was just a toddler.

Furthermore I accuse you of persuading your two victims to transpose your crimes onto me, and for also allowing your daughter to appear at the Geelong police twice in October 2006 and December 2006, where she made her make two contradictory claims of assault. As the only years that she was able to fabricate were the years also coincide with the same year you started after the death of your newborn son, which was by your own admission that it ended in august 1983 and you stood back and allowed it to happened, which makes you just as guilty!

And to your daughter, who accused me of this horrible thing: how could you honestly think you could get away with charging me for crimes that your father committed from 1979 to august 83 after your mother & father lost of their newborn? Especially considering that he had admitted to the authorities this in 1984! How naive can you be by condoning his actions, by not charging him and transposing his crimes onto me, just because your father was being charged for abusing your cousin when he was only a toddler? Have you any empathy for the cousin who was burnt by your father? It was probably you who gave him those special number plates to put on his white ford pa!

And finally, my other sick niece, I don’t know why you protect your father. You have condoned him for sexually assaulting you from the age of five years up to twelve years old and that he was the first one to first take your virginity, when you were just twelve years old, Your sister is not your friend, she is being nice, so that you won’t charge her father for sexual assault or incest and once her father dies, she will have nothing to do with you, so charge him while is alive and make it part of your healing process!

I also want to blame the prosecutor for either being sexually discriminative or just outright incompetent for ignoring incriminating evidence, that should have prevented a court hearing and seen both woman locked up!

And finally the judge for being sexually discriminative and/or incompetent for accepting the alleged assault of a 6 & 9 years females memory on hearsay, but dismissed a five year olds (males) testimony being to young to remember. Don’t you see the inconsistency!  Just because he was my witness! You punished me by putting me in gaol for nine months, just because i wouldn’t plead guilty by perjuring myself. That is atrocious when considering that I had disproven, that I wasn’t living in Corio at the time of the allegations, as I was working and living in the Melbourne suburbs.

What I want:

I write this in the hope that one day I will get a fair trail to exonerate me from these crimes. As I had already proven I wasn’t living at the address, as charged, but the allegations were twisted around to incriminate me. I hope that when the day comes, the courts will base the allegations on the evidence and not just based on innuendo. Please give me my life back!

“You are presumed innocent till proven guilty”